Student Information

New Students

  • Each potential student must complete a registration form (paper or electronic).
  • There is a one-time non-refundable $25 registration fee.
  • Lessons will not be confirmed for unregistered students.

Returning Students

  • In order to receive priority placement, returning students must notify the Conservatory office of their intention to renew prior to the end of the previous semester.
  • Registration fees are waived for students who return within one year.

Financial Information

  • 30-minute lesson $27
  • 45-minute lesson $40.50
  • Hour lesson $54

Members of Saint Andrew’s Chapel receive a 20% discount.


Tuition will be due on or before the first day of lessons. The tuition for a 15-week semester will be assessed to all students registering, regardless of what date they begin. Students who pay in full on or before the first day of the semester receive a 10% discount.


Payment by credit card, check, or cash must be made at or before the first lesson of the month. Payments received after the 10th of the month will incur a $15.00 late fee. No lessons will be given to the student until payment has been made.

Financial Aid / Scholarships

The Conservatory Board of Directors has appointed a Scholarship Committee to consider outstanding students who are recommended by their teacher. Contact us to request an application.

Frequently Asked Questions

A place where students of exceptional talent are mentored in music by caring instructors who are exceptional teacher/performers on various instruments.

Music training in a church encourages a biblical approach to learning, which in turn results in students having a unique perspective about music as a gift from God they are encouraged to develop.

A beautiful and peaceful campus shared with Saint Andrew’s Chapel, Ligonier Ministries and Reformation Bible College just minutes from I-4, 417 or SR46 in Sanford.

Saint Andrew’s is a community of faith where the arts are taken seriously. The contracted instructors of the Conservatory are well-educated, spiritually grounded, and experienced in their field both as performers and teachers. Students come here from throughout Central Florida for an outstanding music training experience.

Students are encouraged to perform two times per year in recitals and informal musicales. The atmosphere is healthy, somewhat challenging, and very forgiving for the growing performer. No student with serious performing issues will be asked to be in a recital. Most students, after studying here a few months, get involved and want to perform as a natural outgrowth of study.

Each faculty member sets a personal schedule for availability. Lessons are held in well-equipped classrooms over 15 weeks in the Fall semester, 15 weeks in Spring semester, and 8 weeks over two Summer terms. Every effort will be made to find the right teacher for you at a time that will work for your family.

Based on interest, we offer musicianship and music theory classes, small ensembles, and group instrument instruction. Each year we hold a Summer Music Academy, with a division for students in grades K-5 and a division for experienced music students in grades 6-12.

Adults are welcome to explore our Church Music Certificate program, which trains vocationally focused musicians toward service in choral conducting, organ, conducting/arranging, and piano.

You may register online or pick up a paper form from the Conservatory table in the Saint Andrew’s Chapel choir room or from the Conservatory office.

A complete explanation of the Conservatory’s tuition and payment plans is available upon request. We offer a limited financial aid package for qualifying students.

The Conservatory Board awards merit scholarships through a screening committee. It awards students who have true musical talent, good potential, and a high level of musical discipline. Tuition scholarships could be as much as 50%.

Students in our recreational music division are enrolled without an audition and assigned to a contracted instructor on the instrument requested. Students in our advanced division are vocationally centered, and will be interviewed or auditioned by the contracted instructor available for your instrument. Every inquiry for lessons will be considered, and contracted instructors whose schedules are full may have room to accept students at a later date.