Church Music Certificate Program

Church Music Certificate Program

About the Program

The Church Music Certificate Program is for students who want professional certification but do not desire a four-year degree, or are seasoned professionals who want to refresh skills and add new ones. The curriculum is designed to be completed within 2 years (4 semesters) and includes components of private study, skill development, practical management of church music ensembles and programs, and ensemble participation.

Applied Music is private study with vocal or instrumental focus with opportunities to perform each semester

Musicianship Courses focus on music theory, conducting, and pedagogy

Ensembles include Reformation Chorale, Instrumental Collegium, Handbells, Chamber Choir, and Piano Ensemble

Music and Worship Courses focus on history, philosophy, and administration


How long does the program take?
Most students will easily fulfill the required courses over 4 semesters.

What does the program cost?
Students in the program will be billed at the normal hourly rate for private lessons, which at this writing is $54. The hourly courses will be billed at the same rate of per class hour, and scheduled as weekly tutoring sessions. An annual registration fee of $25 will be applied for each new year of study.

Payment plans are available. Application may be completed online.

What practical experience will students have?
Certificate in Church Music students are invited to participate in services at Saint Andrew’s and are encouraged to be actively involved in local churches around the Conservatory.

A faculty mentor will be assigned to each Certificate student throughout the program.