Faculty Spotlight: Sarah Hornbeck, flute

This month we are featuring Conservatory Faculty, Sarah Hornbeck. We asked her the following question about flute teaching.

What is your flute teaching philosophy?
“My philosophy as a music teacher is that eventually I should work myself out of a job. I strive to give my students not only technical facility but also critical thinking and problem solving skills so that they are able to apply the knowledge they have gained in one piece to successive pieces. I teach my students to learn how to learn. I enjoy working with students with diverse skill levels, interests, and goals. When I work with beginning students, I am reminded of the complexity of music making – the coordination of several physical and mental processes which can produce something transcendent. I delight when those processes begin to coalesce and become second-nature. I enjoy working with more advanced students –helping them identify the hurdles they must overcome to achieve their goals and then developing strategies to overcome those hurdles. My students have a range of goals – to participate in Solo and Ensemble festivals, to join a community orchestra, to pursue music professionally. Each of those goals is laudable in its own right. My hope as a teacher is that my students will not only achieve their goals through their lessons with me but also deepen their love and appreciation for music in the process.”