Bachelor of Arts in Theology | Major: Sacred Music

A partnership between Reformation Bible College and Saint Andrew’s Conservatory of Music

The Sacred Music Major is a 120-credit-hour undergraduate academic degree program at Reformation Bible College designed for future musicians whether in the church or in the wider community.

Our students obtain spiritual wisdomas well as practical training and application in music ministry. If desired, they may go on to graduate study in music.

The Sacred Music Major has a comprehensive curriculum in a mentoring format offered in connection with the Saint Andrew’s Conservatory of Music. Located on the campus of Saint Andrew’s Chapel, the conservatory provides coursework, a gifted music faculty, outstanding facilities, regular opportunities for public performance, and administrative support to RBC students in the Sacred Music program.


ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION: A high school degree, a GED, or the equivalent, with a GPA of at least 2.5 on a four-point scale is required. Submission of either ACT or SAT scores is also required. A select number of applicants who do not meet these academic requirements may be granted provisional admission with an academic review upon completion of a minimum of twelve credit hours to determine if the applicant should be granted full admission to continue in the program.

SKILL REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION: Applicants for the sacred music specialization must demonstrate a mastery of their instrument and basic musicianship skills. Mastery and skills are evaluated by the sacred music faculty.


Completion of a total of 120 credit hours is required. The biblical studies, theology, and church history curriculum offered through RBC consists of twenty three-hour courses (60 credit hours); the specialization curriculum offered through the conservatory consists of forty-eight credit hours in courses that include private study, music theory, music and worship, ensemble experience, and spiritual formation. In addition to these 108 credit hours, a student will take twelve elective credits to complete their 120 credit hour requirement. To graduate, a student must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 on a four-point scale and complete a final project and recital.

MISSION:  What is the potential of the BA in Sacred Music in the 21st Century?

A small army, with God’s blessing, of spiritually formed, doctrinally sound, and skilled practitioners of music for the Church of Jesus Christ. These leaders will create and perform music of profound beauty, which will minister to hearts inside the Church, and radiate to the surrounding culture. 

FACULTY:  Our faculty are professing Christians who are outstanding educators and performing musicians.  

Information regarding tuition and fees is available on the Reformation Bible College website.


Sacred Music Minor

Reformation Bible College, in coordination with Saint Andrew’s Conservatory of Music, also offers a Sacred Music Minor to students in the BA in Christian Thought.  Completion of 15 credit hours is required in courses that include private study, music theory, aural skills, music and worship, and ensemble experience. These courses satisfy 15 of the 18 required elective hours for completion of the BA in Christian Thought degree. For more information, contact RBC registrar Rebekah Pierce by emailing

Contracted Instructors

Ryan Blakemore, M.M. – Piano, Music Theory, Piano Pedagogy

Elise Jimenez, M.M. – Cello

Olga Kolpakova, M.M. – Violin

Gordon Mason, D.M.A. – Brass, Conducting

Angelyn Traylor, M.M. – Piano, Aural Skills, Instrumental Collegium

Randall Van Meggelen, M.M. – Piano, Sacred Music 

Laura Yount, M.M. – Voice, Vocal Pedagogy

Terry Yount, D.M.A. – Organ, Harpsichord, Sacred Music, Reformation Chorale, Internship Supervisor

For more information or an application, visit the website of Reformation Bible College.

Certificate in Church Music at Saint Andrew’s Conservatory of Music

The Certificate in Church Music is for students who want professional certification but do not desire a 4-year degree, or are seasoned professionals who want to refresh skills and add new ones.  The curriculum is designed to be completed within 2 years (4 semesters) and includes components of private study, skill development, practical management of church music ensembles and programs, and ensemble participation.  Courses run concurrently with the Sacred Music major through Reformation Bible College.

Applied Music Private study with vocal or instrumental focus with opportunities to perform each semester

Musicianship Courses in music theory, conducting, and pedagogy

Ensembles include Reformation Chorale, Instrumental Collegium, Handbells, Chamber Choir, and Piano Ensemble

Music and Worship Courses in history, philosophy, and administration

How long does the program take? Most students will easily fulfill the required courses over 4 semesters. Students must take a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester. 

What does the program cost? See the Conservatory Handbook for the most up-to-date information regarding tuition and fees. 

What practical experience will students have? Certificate in Church Music students participate in chapel services, and are actively involved in local churches around the Conservatory.

A faculty mentor will be assigned to each Certificate student throughout the program. 

For more information and to register for the upcoming semester, contact us.